There are many things that need improvements in cinderlib, this is a simple list to keep track of the most relevant topics.

  • Connect & attach snapshot for drivers that support it.
  • Replication and failover support
  • QoS
  • Support custom features via extra specs
  • Unit tests
  • Complete functional tests
  • Parameter validation
  • Support using cinderlib without cinder to just handle the attach/detach
  • Add .py examples
  • Add support for new Attach/Detach mechanism
  • Consistency Groups
  • Encryption
  • Support name and description attributes in Volume and Snapshot
  • Verify multiattach support
  • Revert to snapshot support.
  • Add documentation to connect remote host. use_multipath_for_image_xfer and the enforce_multipath_for_image_xfer options.
  • Complete internals documentation.
  • Document the code.